Retrofit Monitoring and Metering

A smart and cost-efficient solution for upgrading resource measurement

The challenge

The Challenge Faced by Marinas and Commercial Centers

Most marinas and lots of residential and commercial centers today have a slow and inefficient process for resource consumption and billing. The manual data collection is often inaccurate which affects customer satisfaction and clouds the business decisions of managers.

The solution

Revolutionizing Remote Measurement and Management of Consumption

ARISTA RETROFIT is the first system for remote measurement & management of consumption that is smart, cost-efficient and financially beneficial.

How does it work

Seamless Data Flow: From Field Controller to Central Software

Why Arista SLMS

Why Choose Arista SLMS for Street Lighting Management?

Save money

from buying new smart meters and simply upgrade the existing ones

Stop the waste

of your marina’s resources​ by accurate and timely data collection

Data is power

Safely stored in the cloud, data is available for various reports at any time

Save time

with an automated measurement process

Manage more with less

One controller can collect data from many and various meters (water and electricity)

System as a service (SaaS) opportunity

Don’t waste money on hardware and big upfront costs


Renewable Energy Integration and Management

Future proof your assets in the grid edge, while optimizing your costs.

Fight technical failures, outages, leaks, fraud and inefficiency. Integrate renewables and meet the higher electricity demand with ease. Future proof your assets and operations in the grid edge, while also optimizing your costs.

Create a better city environment and increase energy efficiency with our electrical and lighting solution.

Allow real-time monitoring of the electrical and lighting infrastructure. Decrease technical losses and failures and actually save money. Digitalize the maintenance process, contribute to energy efficiency and create a better city environment.

Retrofit consumption monitoring and metering

Safely automate water and energy consumption measurement, allowing for more efficient use of resources.

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