Electrical Infrastructure Monitoring

Digitalize and modernize the low voltage network to enable all the benefits of the smart grid

The challenge

Unveiling the Vulnerability of the LV Network in the Energy Transition

The energy sector is changing rapidly – massive adoption of renewables, distributed energy generation and emerging  microgrids. All this, while energy consumption is rising exponentially. 

This creates a big load on the most vulnerable part of the distribution grid – the LV network. There is limited to no visibility on the secondary substations, unlike middle and high-voltage infrastructures, which are equipped with SCADA systems. 

The secondary substations at the LV part of the grid will be crucial for maintaining the balance of the grid due to several factors:

Operational inefficiency

Edge infrastructure is both aging yet overloaded with new electricity consumers (like EVs and thermal pumps). Maintenance crews work in the dark with partial and late information about asset conditions, causing operational inefficiency.

Planning inefficiency

EVs, solar panels and other distributed renewable sources create increasing and uneven load and constraints across the network.

Big data

coming from AMI and other IoT devices and systems are flooding the companies with data, which will not be helpful at all, if not analyzed and used in the right way, time and place.

The solution

Empowering Utilities with a Comprehensive IoT Solution for Grid Optimization

Arista EIM aims to enable safe, reliable and cost-efficient digital transition of the secondary substations. 

Our combined hardware and software solution offers:

The ultimate goal is to provide utilities with the possibility to forecast and plan grid reliability, sustainability and future investments.

How does it work

Advanced Monitoring for Enhanced Grid Planning and Control

By connecting to various ARISTA sensors, ARISTA Monitoring and Managemend Device (MMD) monitors the health status of the electrical installation and sends live data to the Central Software (ARISTA CMS).

What is
continuously monitored

Why Arista EIM

Your Solution for Real-Time Data and Grid Optimization

Unique combination of features and functions that answers the system operators’ needs for real time and accurate data in only one solution. 

Achieve optimization and grid resilience through:

Niche technology, tailored specifically for MV/LV transformer stations.

10+ years of experience of our team in the smart metering technology and the energy industry.

Benefits of Arista EIM

Why Choose Arista EIM for Electrical Infrastructure Monitoring?

Remotely monitor

all key parameters of the working environment

Prevent damages

and predict issues

Save costs

by optimizing the maintenance process

Make better decisions

based on real and accurate data

Quickly identify

infrastructure malfunctions

Get immediate notifications

in case of malfunctions, deviations or unauthorized access

Increase infrastructure

performance and efficiency

Opportunity for integration

and upgrading existing systems


Renewable Energy Integration and Management

Future proof your assets in the grid edge, while optimizing your costs.

Fight technical failures, outages, leaks, fraud and inefficiency. Integrate renewables and meet the higher electricity demand with ease. Future proof your assets and operations in the grid edge, while also optimizing your costs.

Create a better city environment and increase energy efficiency with our electrical and lighting solution.

Allow real-time monitoring of the electrical and lighting infrastructure. Decrease technical losses and failures and actually save money. Digitalize the maintenance process, contribute to energy efficiency and create a better city environment.

Retrofit consumption monitoring and metering

Safely automate water and energy consumption measurement, allowing for more efficient use of resources.

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